Amy Winehouse passed away at the young age of 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning eight months ago and did not leave a will. Her parents Mitch and Jane Winehouse will inherit her $4.66 million estate.

Winehouse struggled for many years with drugs and alcohol. She was just as famous for her bizarre behavior, legal problems and struggles with drugs and alcohol as she was for her unique voice and talent.

When Winehouse passed away she did not have a will so her parents will inherit the money by default. Winehouse was at one time married to Blake Fielder-Civil, but the couple was divorced and he is not entitled to any money from Winehouse's estate.

Although Winehouse struggled with drugs and alcohol that affected her career and that she spent a fair amount of money on, she had 6.7 million left in her estate. After debt and taxes, the estate is left with $4.66 million.

Winehouse's parents have not yet commented on what they will do with the money.