Amy Winehouse's toxicology report revealed that the young singer did not have drugs in her system, a statement by the Back to Black singer's family said. The report also revealed that alcohol was in her system at the time of her death. It remains unclear whether the alcohol played a role in her demise.

Winehouse's family has maintained that the singer died from alcohol withdrawal, a condition that often kills alcoholics trying to go cold turkey. Shocking the body into sobriety notoriously increases risk of stroke and heart attack.

It also remains unclear whether Winehouse died because she drank too much or too little alcohol.

Winehouse, who suffered from mental health issues including an obsession with dying young and an eating disorder, also suffered from emphysema as well as an irregular heartbeat.

London Ambulance Service received a call at 3.54 pm local time July 23. When they arrived there, the 27-year-old award winning singer had already died.

Her 2007 song Rehab, brilliantly crafted and extremely poetic, continues to disturb fans. Winehouse was 23 years old when she wrote the haunting lyrics.

An inquest will be performed in October.

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