The Internet has been buzzing about the naked photos of Pippa Middleton that were recently leaked. Many are shocked, stunned and speechless. How could the sister of royalty be caught in such a scandal?

The truth is the photos are not scandalous. They are not provocative. They are not racy. What Pippa is doing in the pictures is nothing different from what many people do after they spend a day on a boat swimming.

The photos, obtained by the website The Daily, show Kate Middleton's little sister, Pippa, adjusting her bathing suit top and cleaning it while on board a yacht. These photos, which were captured by a family friend that was with them, were taken when Pippa was vacationing in Ibiza, Spain in 2005 with Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The family friend sold the photos after Pippa became an instant sensation following the Royal Wedding on April 29.

While Pippa may be in the public eye, it seems trivial that she is being scrutinized for something most people do. Anyone who has been out on a boat, or even a beach, would agree. When these photos were snapped, Pippa was at the back of the boat with her back toward the crowd. As the photos depict, she was clearly just cleaning her bathing suit, or slipping in to a new, dry one.

Nothing about these photos is inappropriate. The photos do not show her striking a risqué pose or acting inappropriate. There is nothing even remotely sexual about these photos.

The buzz in the media about these photos is exaggerating the facts. In his photo, Pippa Middleton is putting on a clean top with her back to the crowd. One man, a so-called family friend, just found an opportunity to make some extra money by betraying the Middleton family trust and selling the photos.