Sony's anticipated Playstation game console has faced numerous delays in the past, citing problems with its new hardware design, however experts contend the company has started full-swing production, quelling fears of further delays.

Our research indicates that final assembly of the Sony PS3 is in full swing, and we remain upbeat on the prospect of SNE [Sony] meeting its 2MM worldwide PS3 production forecast by the end of December, 2006, Paul-Jon McNealy of American Technical Research said.

Of the 2 million units, 1.2 million will ship to North America, while 800 thousand will stay in Japan, he said. Given 13 weeks of production time, the research firm feels that Sony will be able to meet production goals for 2006.

Our research indicates that typically 10-20% of the unit shipment forecast will likely still be in the channel (en route) at the end of December and not installed in homes yet, McNealy concludes.

The PlayStation 3 is expected to hit stores in Japan on Nov. 11 and in the United States on Nov. 17. In Europe, they won't go on sale until March, four months later than planned.