Unsurprisingly, iPhone sales are booming across Europe as the end of exclusivity arrangements rev up the demand for Apple mobile phones. Broadpoint AmTech analyst predicts Apple will finally do the same in the US and will add Verizon as a carrier in 2010.

According a recent survey from research company Bernstein, Apple’s share of Europe's mobile phone market now stands at 32 percent. Just three months ago the figure stood at 21 percent.

The expansion of iPhone distribution has clearly benefited Apple, helping it to more than double sales in three months, wrote Pierre Ferragu, an analyst at Bernstein in a research note.

Ferragu attributed the massive increase of iPhone sales to the recent availability of the handsets on a range of networks in territories across Europe, where previously a sole carrier had held exclusive rights to sell iPhones.

Meanwhile, in the US, Broadpoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall predicts that Apple, whom he says is the greatest technology firm on the planet, will add Verizon as a U.S. carrier in 2010.

AT&T's U.S. iPhone exclusive deal will expire in June 2010, Marshall noted. Around 4 percent of AT&T subscribers have Apple iPhones, but they consume roughly 40 percent of the network's bandwidth, he said, proving that the network cannot sustain further growth.

Marshall went on to say that by opening up iPhone to Verizon could generate 14 million additional iPhone sales in 2011.

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