Anand Jon Alexander, notorious fashion designer was on Monday afternoon sentenced to a minimum of 59 years in prison for the sex crimes committed on young aspiring models.

Alexander, acting as his own attorney, presented a lengthy argument asking for a new trial because of juror and prosecutorial misconduct. He also alleged inadequate defense by his former attorneys. His request was denied by Judge David Wesley.

Wesley handed down the maximum sentence to Alexander saying he showed no remorse for his actions and is a danger to other young women.

Alexander, who dresses stars like Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson and Mary J Blige, has been convicted on sixteen crimes that are related to sex in which forcible rape is also included. He has also been convicted of sexual battery and performing lewd acts on a child.

According to prosecutors, the crimes started in 2001 when Jon set up a fashion design business through which he lured would-be models to Los Angeles. The police got involved in March 2007 after a woman said she was sexually assaulted at his Beverly Hills apartment.

Alexander denied the charges.

Alexander, 35, faces similar charges in New York and Texas. Should he be convicted in other states, whatever sentence he receives would be added to the time for his California sentence, prosecutors said.