Anderson Cooper giggled uncontrollably on Wednesday evening when reporting news and inserting jokes about Gerard Depardieu urinating on a plane.

This has actually never happened to me, Cooper said during his near minute long laughing fit on Anderson Cooper 360's The RedicuList, which he paused reading his report to laugh at a joke which said, [Air France] should thank their lucky stars it wasn't Depar-doo.

Throughout the report, Cooper played with words reporting about the incident, donning a smirk and smile throughout the entire segment. Oh it's full of puns, he said as he continued to laugh harder at each joke from start to finish.

During the buildup before the giggling fit, he said Depardieu flies Incontinental, created his own jet stream, is used to being Pampered and Depends on it, showing graphics of child and adult diapers.

After telling a member of the production to crew to stop laughing, Cooper broke out into uncontrollable laugher after saying the Depar-doo joke, in which he had to dry his eyes from laughter tears.

Sorry, that made me giggle every time I read it, Cooper admitted. You always see this sort of thing on YouTube and you don't think it'll actually happen to you.

The normally apathetic and unbiased journalist Cooper inevitably finished his report about Depardieu, who was caught urinating into an empty bottle on a flight from Paris to Dublin reportedly after a flight attendant asked him to wait.

Famous French actor Gerard Depardieu was thrown off the plane and has since blamed the incident on prostate issues.

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