Anderson Cooper is known for his straight-forward, serious side of reporting, but every now and then the Anderson Cooper 360 host gets caught up in a giggle fit.

Last summer a video of Cooper having a giggle fit while doing a segment for his Ridiculist section of his show went viral. Cooper could hardly contain himself when talking about an incident with French actor Gérard Depardieu's on a Paris to Dublin flight; Cooper had to deliver a line about Depardieu going oui-oui in his seat.The usually composed news anchor broke out in a laugh fest and revealed that he laughs like a teenage girl.

Yesterday, while talking about Dyngus day, Cooper was once again caught off guard when a line, a tap from a pussy willow branch was uttered in the segment's video.

Cooper looked into the camera with astonishment before getting up to compose himself, but he was not successful. Cooper giggled on-air for several seconds before uttering, so stupid. He was eventually able to compose himself and finish the segment. Fortunately for him, he is not alone.

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