Anderson Silva broke his leg while delivering a kick to opponent Chris Weidman at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 168 in MGM Grand Las Vegas on Saturday night. Silva, 38, lost his middleweight title, and he also become an Internet sensation after his gruesome injury hit the Web on Saturday night.

Weidman delivered a swift hit to Silva in the first round. In the second, Silva tried to take his opponent down with a kick -- but that’s when things went from ordinary to shocking. Weidman caught Silva’s left leg at the 1:16-minute mark, bending it, and causing the famous fighter to fall to the mat in excruciating pain.

Take a look at the disturbing video below:

“I knew that he could hurt me most with the leg kicks. We trained checking the kick a lot,” Weidman told the Los Angeles Times after the fight. “The idea is to pull your leg and for the shin to land at the knee. That’s exactly what I did and I felt his leg go right away.”

“I figured if I [caught] him on my knee it could really hurt him. Crazy how this happened.” He added: “He’s still known as the greatest of all time.”

Though the brawler is having his 15 minutes of fame in viral Internet videos, the future of his career is in doubt. It will take three to six months to repair his recently operated-on leg, Zuffa, LLC, owner of the UFC, said in a statement on Sunday.

The press release continued: “There has been no immediate decision about his future, and he would kindly ask for privacy at this time as he deals with his injury and prepares to return home to recover.”

Without taking away from the agony and pain that Silva is dealing with, this year has had several sports injuries that made the public's mouth drop to the floor for their grotesque and gruesome nature.

1) Kevin Ware

Who could forget the broken leg that Louisville Cardinals guard Kevin Ware suffered during the NCAA Tournament in March? Ware returned to the court in November, but not before the video of his shocking injury had been seen hundreds of thousands of times. Now, Ware says, he just wants to be treated like a regular player, according to USA Today.

2) Tim Hudson

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Tim Hudson fractured his ankle in July after the New York’ Mets player Eric Young Jr. snapped the athlete’s ankle inward while he was covering first base. Young Jr. slammed down on the pitcher’s ankle while he was trying to beat the throw. Hudson, 38, has since recovered and was traded to the San Francisco Giants.

3) Jason Heyward

It’s not the only injury the Braves suffered. Outfielder Jason Heyward got hit by a Jon Niese fastball and was rushed to a Queens hospital. The player suffered a broken jaw and missed a month of baseball, the New York Post wrote.

4) RG3

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III continued to suffer from a torn ACL throughout the 2013 season. The injury occurred during a Wild Card game against the Seahawks in January 2013. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan received criticism for not taking an obviously hurt RG3 out of the game earlier before he ultimately collapsed.

5) Sidney Crosby

Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby always seems to get injured against the New York Islanders, and 2013 was no exception. Crosby took a slap shot to the jaw, which led him to miss a month of hockey.

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