Former “Bachelorette” star Andi Dorfman is finally opening up about her split from Season 10 winner Josh Murray. To the surprise of fans, the pair announced they called off their engagement in January -- just a few days after appearing as a couple on the live Season 19 premiere of “The Bachelor.” Andi sat down with host Chris Harrison during the “Chris Tells All” special Sunday to reveal what went down and her current situation with Josh.

The interview was an emotional one, with Andi unable to get through a few words without wiping away tears. She revealed it has been a “tough month,” and she’s not doing very well. But how did a fairy tale romance take such a heartbreaking turn? According to Andi, their breakup didn’t happen overnight. “We struggled for a while,” she explained. “We definitely did.”

Things started off well after they got engaged during the Season 10 finale of “The Bachelorette.” Despite the tough times, Andi said she never doubted choosing Josh, and she knew she made the “right decision.” However, they somehow lost their way. Andi revealed the turning point was hearing people ask about their wedding and seeing other happy couples at the Season 19 premiere of “The Bachelor.” For Andi, the trip was “very eye opening” and made them question why they never set a wedding date. Andi added the break up was mutual, but she’ll always love him.

“I’ve never loved anybody like that in my life,” she said during the “Chris Tells All” special. “I never experienced a love like that … that was my first true love without a doubt. And my first heartbreak.” She added the split is her “biggest failure so far.”

Unfortunately the heartbreak is still too fresh for the pair to be on speaking turns. Andi acknowledged between both their personalities there are too many emotions to keep things positive and in a “healthy place.”

Josh Murray hasn't been vocal about the broken engagement, but posted the following message after Andi’s interview aired: