Apple's iPad had a strong grip on the tablet market in the last quarter and it still dominates, controlling 67 per cent of the global market, according to Strategy Analytics.

Apple iOS remains the world's dominant tablet platform with the most established services ecosystem, said, Peter King, Director of Strategy Analytics.

Earlier this week, Apple revealed that iPad shipments for the current quarter rose to 11.12 million units; it was 9.2 million in the previous quarter.

Android-based tablet shipments hit 4.5 million in the third quarter, for a 26.9 percent share during the period.

Android tablet shipments have risen twelve-fold in one year, said Strategy Analytics Director, Neil Mawston, in a statement.

Between each other, Android and iOS account for 93.5 per cent of the tablet market.

Apple's tablet share has gone down. Last year iOS accounted for 95.5 percent of the tablet market.

Though Apple's market share has shrunk, the company's tablet shipment has increased by nearly 7 million units, year-over-year.