Around same time last year, Android fans were waiting for Google to reveal the dessert name for the coveted “M” in Android M. After a long delay, Marshmallow was finally picked as the OS name. Now, it’s time of the year to find out the name of the next-generation OS Android N. However, this time, the search giant might involve users to find the perfect name.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently visited India to kick start initiatives specific to the country, as India is one of the crucial markets for the search giant. Some of the initiatives include enabling India’s train stations with Wi-Fi connectivity, to assist in getting better 2G connections, a unique connected bike concept and a new Google campus in one of the major cities Hyderabad, Android Authority reported.

Meanwhile, Gadgets 360 said that Pichai also participated in a Q&A session at an Indian College. During the Q&A session, Indian students apparently asked -- When will the Android OS be named after an Indian dessert? Needless to say, the entire crowd cheered and Pichai chipped in humorously by saying he plans to get suggestions from his mom. However, he admitted that he was never a dessert-loving person as a child.

He also added that, Google might consider the idea of “online polls” to let people vote for their favorite dessert as the name of Android N. Pichai said, in case, a good number of people voted for an Indian dessert that could very well be the OS name.

This is good news for Android fans across the globe as many readers have been suggesting names in tech portals from the time Google started naming its OS after desserts. By conducting an online poll, Google is indirectly making its users contribute to their favorite platform. Millions of dedicated Android fans will be more than happy to be part of such an initiative with their favorite dessert name in tow.

So far, the following names have been getting a lot of traction from across the globe: Android Nutella, Android Nankhatai (Indian dessert), Android Nougat, Android Nut Brittle, Android Nutrageous and Android Nerds, Pocket Lint reported.