Google's Android may be the most popular smartphone device, but Apple's iPhone is more adored.

The latest Nielsen statistics show that Google's Android leads the U.S. smartphone market with 39 percent of the market share in June compared to just 28 percent for Apple.   Android's lead, however, is largely due to its diversity of offerings.

If the Android phones were divided by the manufacturers, Apple would lead the market with 28 percent.  RIM (BlackBerry) and HTC would follow with 20 percent each.  After that, Motorola has 11 percent and Samsung has 10 percent.

The iPhone, moreover, is the more adored smartphone.

TechCrunch reports that while the iPhone 4's return rate is 1.7 percent, the return rate on certain Android devices is as high 30 to 40 percent, citing an industry source.

In addition, a recent ChangeWave Research poll revealed that 70 percent of Apple iOS customers are "very satisfied" with their product.  This compares to 50 percent for Android and just 26 percent for RIM.

Apple's products are known for being intuitive and appealing.  That it manufactures its own devices helps it control the user experience.  (However, it also limits Apple's diversity of offerings).

RIM operates the same way.  However, it's losing out to both Google and Apple largely because of its poor apps selection and arguably because it's not 'fun' enough for casual smartphone users.