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WIMM Labs is adopting Android OS for its wearable wrist and pendant platform devices that will monitor the user’s day-to-day needs according to the user’s wishes.

WIMM Labs is a new Silicon Valley-based independent startup whose management team members include former executives from Intel, Rambus, Palm, Apple, Zing/Dell, Netflix/Roku, Nuance and Pogo/EA.


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The company is set to enable a new class of personal devices that deliver information at a glance and a touch, and will offer a limited number of WIMM One Developer Preview Kits.

“There's an increasing demand for digital experiences that are faster, easier and more relevant. WIMM Labs integrates information into your daily life in the form of useful, subtle glances”, said Dave Mooring, WIMM Labs Chief Executive Officer.


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WIMM Labs has developed a wearable device which measures just 32 x 36 x 12.5mm and includes a 1-inch capacitive touchscreen, up to 32GB of memory, an accelerometer, magnetometer, built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and audio output. The new device is a modified class of next generation micro apps that will run on Android. The company also has a software development kit to support developers.


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“We've created an incredibly powerful, yet small, modular device that can be embedded into a wide variety of consumer products. Combined with customizable applications and a branded web interface, the WIMM Labs Platform gives licensees the ability to create more personal, intuitive and valuable connections with customers,” concluded Mooring.

The WIMM Module can be loaded with a variety of Android-based Micro Apps created by using an open SDK. In addition, it works seamlessly with Android, Blackberry and iOS devices. It also offers an open platform that's easily customizable for the user.


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WIMM Labs is manufacturing the device via Foxconn and has opened up the platform to everyone. Other companies also have the freedom to create a new watch which they can do by purchasing the device from WIMM and mould them as per their wish before shipping them.

No date has been confirmed for the launch of the device, but the WIMM One Developer Preview Kit and SDK will be available in the third quarter of 2011. Less bulky in design, these geeky watches promise to take wrist computing to the next level.