Though the 2012 Oscars were largely about Angelina Jolie's leg, it seems that her frail frame has also caused some chatter. The actress's rail thin frame is often criticized and her appearance at Sunday's ceremony has women's groups concerned. According to the Vancover Sun, a member of that community, Shari Graydon believes that Jolie's state should serve as a cautionary tale rather than a topic of gossip. She revealed: 

Frankly, I, too, watched the Academy Awards and found myself thinking, 'Look how skinny Angelina Jolie's arms are. But there's a difference between thinking that and making it a public conversation. 

Many have been criticizing Jolie and instructing her, via the Internet to eat a burger. But it wasn't just those behind a keyboard who were disturbed by the actresses physical state. Many TV personalities and celebs have come down on the star. The ever composed Bill O'Reilly labeled her emaciated while Dr. Drew was struck by her dangerously malnourished form.  

Amelia McDonell-Parry, editor-in-chief of The Frisky, believes that the public reaction to Jolie is dangerous. 

You don't solve an eating disorder by eating a cheeseburger.  She went on to say Is it okay to promote a healthy attitude for (larger) women by tearing down the self-image of women who are thinner?

For now it seems the constant critique of women's bodies is not going to come to a halt. However, instances like this will hopefully bring awareness to the unfair scolding of women for how much or how little they weigh.