Despite having 15 games since the original “Angry Birds” came out, the series’ developer Rovio Games has announced “Angry Birds 2,” the official sequel to the first “Angry Birds” game. Even more surprising is that fans won’t have to wait too long to pick the game up, as it will be available by the end of July.

Rovio Games made the announcement on the studio’s official site where it revealed the game, as well as how successful the numerous “Angry Birds” spinoffs have been. The title is touted as the “mother of all sequels,” though the company hasn’t revealed any big details on how it will differ from any of the other “Angry Birds” titles that are currently available for download.

Fans can expect the game to be revealed during an event on July 28 where Rovio will reveal the sequel and will presumably show off some of the gameplay for it. Eurogamer reports that the sequel will come out on July 30, just two days after the special event, so fans of the “Angry Birds” franchise can get ready to play the latest installment.

The developer was very vague when talking about how the game will differ from its predecessor, or the numerous spinoff games that weren’t part of an entirely different genre like “Angry Birds Epic” or “Angry Birds Go!” Instead, Rovio simply stated that the game would be “bigger, badder and birdier" than the first and presumably the numerous games before it.

“Angry birds 2” is actually the 16th title in the “Angry Birds” series, not counting the numerous ports made to consoles. To Rovio’s credit, the developer never really did give the number to other games, though it remains to be seen how “Angry Birds 2” will be an actual sequel to the first game.

Fans will be able to download “Angry Birds 2” on July 30, presumably for both iOS and Android devices, though no specifications were given as of this time. The sequel is proof that the “Angry Birds” franchise is getting bigger, especially with an “Angry Birds” movie on the way to theaters next year.

Angry Birds 2: Angry Is Back - Teaser (Credit: YouTube/Angry Birds)