Angry Birds costumes are all the rage for Halloween 2011. 

Angry Birds was one of the top Googled costume ideas for the season, ranking along other high profile names like Black Swan and Nicki Minaj, according to GMA News.

This year seems to be about the battle of the birds. Searches for [angry birds costume], based on the game phenomenon that has so many of us addicted, have been steadily rising in 2011, and we're seeing 10 times more search volume this year than last, said a Google representative. 

Angry Birds has been a phenomenon since its Apple apps release in Dec. 2009.

The game has a combined total of 400 million downloads across all platforms and including all versions.

Angry Birds is a game where Angry Birds must get back their eggs from the Evil Green Pig thieves.

This Halloween, fans across the globe decided to pay homage to the main characters.

Some chose to be the birds, others the pigs.

Individuals came up with some extremely creative ideas for their versions of the characters.

Some made their costumes with paper mache; others used umbrellas. Some used stuffed animals to get their point across; others did artistic interpretations with ornate face make-up.

Here is a look at some of the best (and funniest) Angry Bird costumes from this Halloween.