Better late than never. Nearly a week after “Joy” actress Jennifer Lawrence admonished a journalist for being on his phone during a press conference after the 2016 Golden Globes, Anne Hathaway came to her defense. The “Les Miserables” star penned a Facebook post on her verified page. 

It reads:

Dear the Internet,

It's become pretty clear that the Jennifer Lawrence "scolding" was taken out of context and that she was dryly joking with a journalist who was indeed using his phone to take photos of her.

Let's not continue the sad but common practice of building people — especially women — up just to viciously tear them down when we perceive them to have misstepped. Jennifer is a beautiful, talented, wildly successful, popular, FOUR TIME OSCAR NOMINATED young woman. Please let us not punish her for these things.


A J-Law fan

The post quickly went viral, garnering nearly 30,000 likes and hundreds of shares in less than an hour. People in the comment section of the post debated whether or not Lawrence was right to blast the journalist. While some agreed with Hathaway and said the journalist was taking pictures of Lawrence, others claimed he wasn’t a native English speaker and was using a translation app.

The drama erupted Sunday when the “Joy” actress turned her focus to the reporter who had his phone in front of his face. “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro,” Lawrence said. “You can’t do that, you’ve got to live in the now.”

When the journalist brought up the Oscars, she mocked him. “We’re at the Golden Globes,” she said in response. “If you put your phone down, you’d know that.”

Lawrence hasn’t responded to the backlash.

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