A rumor that “Ocean’s Eight” stars Anne Hathaway and Cate Blanchett are feuding on the set of their upcoming film started swirling over the weekend. Hathaway’s camp, however, has denied the rumor.

In a statement obtained by E! News, a representative for Hathaway addressed the claim, saying: “It’s complete rubbish and totally false. Everyone on the film is having a blast with each other. So typical that a tabloid would pit females against each other. It’s sad. They don’t do this with men.”

Australian tabloid Woman’s Day claimed that Hathaway “rubbed [Blanchett] the wrong way” despite Blanchett being very “laidback,” according to The Daily Mail. The source also reportedly told the publication that the two exchanged angry words and stopped speaking to each other for a few days. The two have been trying to be casual at work now, though, but things are still tense.

While there may not be tension on the set, Mindy Kaling, who co-stars on the film, has admitted that she’s nervous about being cast alongside big names in Hollywood. In an appearance on “The Late Show,” Kaling said: “Look, I’m real scared, man because when I look at that list of people, I’m like, ‘I know that my skill’s gonna be [something like] I’m gonna get attacked by the guard dog so they can break into the casino.”

Details about the movie’s plot have not been revealed, but a source reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that it will “revolve around a heist at New York’s Met Gala.”

Shooting for the film started in early November. Apart from Hathaway, Blanchett, and Kaling, the movie will also feature Rihanna, Awkwafina, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter and Sandra Bullock. The screenplay was written by Olivia Milch and Gary Ross. Ross will also direct the film.

“Ocean’s Eight” will be released in June 2018.