Anne Murray lost one of her arms and part of the other when her family dog, a pitbull, attacked her. The 65-year-old Connecticut woman, attacked on Monday at around 11:30 a.m. at her home, is currently being treated at Norwalk Hospital and is in stable condition.

Police arrived on the scene to find Murray lying under her car in the driveway, kicking, clawing and screaming in an attempt to protect herself from the mauling. It's unclear what triggered the dog, who'd been with Murray for nearly two years.

"Horrific, poor lady," said Martin Bates, a neighbor, reports Connecticut's News 8 WTNH-TV. "You hear these horror stories of the dog turning on their owners... The dog is part of the family. It's a family member turning on their owner, an awful thing. I have heard the dog bark, but I have not seen it,” he continued.

In addition to her arms being attacked, Murray also had bite marks all over her body, including on the side of her head.

In a similar incident a week ago in the U.K., a 4-year-old Lexi Branson was killed at her home by her family pet, a bulldog. Her mother, Jodi Hudson, stabbed it to death with a kitchen knife in the hopes of rescuing her daughter. The family had owned the former stray for two months, according to the Independent.