The body of Anneka Di Lorenzo washed up on a San Diego beach in January with a broken neck and back and authorities are seeking the public's help to close the case.

Joggers found the 58-year-old model's body on Jan. 4 when it washed up on a restricted portion of Camp Pendleton beach that Marines use for training.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Di Lorenzo's body was found naked and her slender frame was mistaken for that of a teenager. Her death is still a mystery to both her family and federal investigators.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is now seeking the public's help in closing the case. They are asking if there's anyone who remembers Di Lorenzo stopping along Interstate 5. It was here her parked car was found at a popular scenic overlook, according to the Tribune.

Di Lorenzo was first known as Anneka Vasta. She was called Anneka Di Lorenzo when she appeared as the 1975 Penthouse Pet of the Year. Throughout her lifetime Di Lorenzo achieved some on screen success with the in the 1979 movie Caligula. She also reportedly dated Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione and the relationship grew into a sexual harassment case, according to reports.

Investigators don't know if Di Lorenzo committed suicide or if her death was foul play.

Reports are that on Jan. 2, Di Lorenzo rented a room at a Motel 6, but there was wasn't any evidence that she actually used the room. There were signs of trauma found inside her 2001 Mazda 626 sedan, as there was a woman's leopard-print blouse and a sports bra, stained with blood. They were wrapped in a plastic bag that investigators believe is an ice bucket liner from the Motel 6.

A steak knife covered with Di Lorenzo's blood was also found on the passenger floorboard. There were slashes on her wrist. However, those wounds weren't deep enough to kill her, according to reports.

Family members of the dead woman said she had a daughter in college whom she spoke with every day, and therefore, she wouldn't have committed suicide. They believe someone may have killed her.

I think something happened when Anneka couldn't maybe fend for herself, the dead woman's sister Susan Thoreson told the San Diego Union-Tribune.