Annie Chandler had no idea what was coming. When Matt Grevers got onto the medal stand, she was expecting to take a look at his gold win, not at her own diamond ring.

Annie Chandler was proposed to last weekend by Olympic-swimmer boyfriend Grevers after he won the 100-meter race. Chandler, who is a fellow national-team swimmer, did not suspect anything out of the ordinary when she put the gold around Grever's neck.

But, when she was asked to step up onto the winner's medal stand with him, she got the surprise of a lifetime.

Grevers got down on one knee and proposed to the blonde, who looked as if she was about to faint from the question.

I've just been searching for a unique way to pop the question, Grevers told reporters. My whole family is here and I figured it would be a perfect opportunity and a unique situation.

Grevers had originally planned to propose to Annie Chandler while she was on the medal stand. However, she came in fifth-place at that particular race and the plans were dashed.

So, he switched up his plans and made it a goal to win that top spot for the proposal last weekend.

I took [the race] out a little fast because my heart was racing the whole time, he said. If I didn't get first it wouldn't have worked out so well.

The couple hopes to both compete in the 2012 London Olympics beginning on July 27. They have not discussed a wedding date yet.