Anthony Weiner may have a documentary or reality show in the works. According to a new report, the mayoral candidate has reincorporated his former congressional district director, turned MTV filmmaker, into his entourage, and the pair appear to be filming an undisclosed project.

According to the New York Post, Weiner has been seen traveling with Josh Kriegman, a self-described documentary filmmaker and TV producer with the production company Edgeline Films. Kriegman wrote and directed the 2009 documentary “The Pursuit of Righteousness,” and his work has also appeared on PBS and MTV, where he is credited as the producer of four episodes of the Emmy award-winning series “Made,” which chronicles teenagers with big aspirations.

“He appears to be with [Weiner] all the time,” a source who frequently attends mayoral candidate events said of Kriegman. “He’s been at retail stops, street fairs, forums. I bet he has amazing footage from the past couple months.”

Kriegman, who previously worked as Weiner’s legislative director, was even on hand last week, when Weiner got into a heated argument with a heckler outside of the Barclay’s Center. The critic, identified as 35-year-old Jane Borock, interrupted a scheduled meet-and-greet between Weiner and potential voters to censure Weiner for his recent actions, Politicker reported.

“You are disgusting! You are an embarrassment of a third-generation native,” Borock told the former New York congressman. “Your little overnight sleepover in public housing. F--- you! Go back to your little Hamptons house.”

Weiner at first tried to defuse the situation, replying, “You’re very passionate. I appreciate your view,” but Borock continued. “I’m passionate? More passionate than you on Twitter … You are disgusting. Disgusting,” she replied, referring to Weiner’s recent sexting scandal with Sydney Leathers.

Weiner finally told Borock to “beat it,” adding, “One person yelling isn’t going to stop me! The kind of mayor I’m gonna be is going to be to stand up to people yelling!”

Kriegman was not only on hand during the fiery exchange, but reportedly caught it all on tape. He declined to comment on the matter to the Post, but Weiner’s press team said that Kriegman’s footage was not being used in a television commercial that will be aired today.