Cindy Anthony took the stands on Friday to testify in what has been an emotional trial for her.  Her granddaughter Caylee Anthony is dead and her daughter Casey Anthony is accused of the murder.

Cindy revealed a shocker that sent gasps through the court room.  She said she was the one who searched the word chloroform on the Internet on the Anthony family's computer.  She said she originally searched the word chlorophyll, which led her to the word chloroform.  This is consistent with Casey's claim that she never searched for the word chloroform. 

Casey is accused of using chloroform and duct tape to kill her daughter Caylee.  If she did not search for chloroform online, the evidence against her would be weaker.

Cindy also claimed to have searched for the terms neck breaking and chest injuries because a friend of hers was in a car accident.

Casey Anthony's defense showed at least two photos of Cindy and Caylee in the family pool.  Cindy testified that Caylee could open the glass door that led to the family backyard pool.  This supports the defense's claim that the child accidently drowned in the family pool. 

Furthermore, Cindy testified that the stains (presumably of human decomposition) found in the trunk of Casey's car were already present when the family first purchased the car in 2000.  This weakens the prosecution's allegation that Casey loaded her daughter's corpse in the car (thus leaving the stain) and then dumped it in a wooded area.

Throughout the whole ordeal of Casey's arrest and trial, Cindy maintained that she did not believe her daughter committed murder.