With the launch of Tinder and other mobile "hookup" apps, technology has made finding someone to love a lot easier. But breaking up remains a bit more complicated: Could I just send a text message? Maybe I should call? Do I have to meet in person? 

Not anymore. Meet Binder — the smartphone app that's meant for breaking up. It's essentially a Tinder wannabe but in reverse. Here's how it works: 

1. Download the app. Currently, it's only available in the U.K., so you'll need a British iTunes or Google Play account. 

2. Select whether your breakup is with a girl or guy. 

3. Then type in his or her name and number. You can also choose to upload a photo. 

binder app Binder turns breaking up into Tinderlike experience. Photo: Binder Screenshots

4. The app will then make a Tinderesque card, which users can swipe away to the right to begin the breakup process. Select the trash can at the bottom to restart the process.

5. Binder then brings up four options to choose from for the reason you're calling it quits. Select one, and you're done!

binder breakup app In six clicks, Binder users can break up with their significant others. Photo: Binder Screenshots

6. Your significant other will then receive a text message response and a 37-second-long voicemail that reads:

"Yeah you're getting dumped. Your boyfriend, em, yeah. I mean, yeah, maybe you deserve more. Maybe you deserve that white picket fence. Maybe you deserve twins. Boris and Doris. They could live out their days happily without that horrible guy who's dumping you using this app, using me as a vessel to break this to you quite gently. You're dumped. You're dumped. You're really really dumped. Bind some will say. Bind with Binder now at all good app stores. Bye!" 

So what's the story behind Binder? The app was designed by Bright Signals, a digital agency based in Glasgow, Scotland. Tennent's Lager, a pale ale made by Wellpark Brewery, is reportedly behind Binder's development, according to news site Campaign. However, there's no apparent direct-sponsoring message yet. 

For now, you can join in on the "fun" by downloading the app for iOS or Android.

Correction: An earlier version of the article identified the app's creator as Peach Digital. In fact, the agency behind Binder is Bright Signals and only took on the name "Peach Digital" during the campaign to take the "mick out of Apple," a spokesperson wrote.