CNET reported Sunday that a Japanese language site Macotakara believes Apple has a new 15-inch MacBook on the way. Rumors say testing on this new MacBook has begun.

There isn't too much information revealed yet, but it's still unclear if the 15-inch will be an addition to the current MacBook Air family of an 11-inch, 13-inch, and the new Pro.

Macrumors is one tech site that speculated in July this year that an even thinner model of MacBook was in the works. Who would think it can get thinner than that?

With that slimness, these ultra-thin computers are not likely to have an optical disc drive, similar to Windows' Ultrabooks and Dell's Latitude Z on the market right now.

The report also says that Apple is finishing up this test phase and that development of the LCD test component is complete. Rumors are also saying the physical designs of the current models are likely to get a redesign next year, but this rumor has been going around for awhile now. There has been no more information circulating about this.

Last week, it was said that Apple updated the MacBook Pro models with faster Intel Sandy Bridge processors with improved AMD Radeon graphics. These upgrades were probably timed strategically in time for the holiday shopping seasons. It seems the MacBook Pro upgrades may come sooner than the said 15-inch addition (if at all).

Upcoming MacBooks are expected to incorporate Intel's newest Ivy Bridge processors due at the beginning of 2012 sometime. It's been confirmed on Intel's end that production for this 22nm Ivy Bridge processor began last week. Systems powered by these new CPUs can be expected by spring of next year.

If the rumors are true, we may be seeing the next generation of MacBooks from Apple in a year or two.