Apple now has the world’s most valuable corporate brand, valued at $153.3 billion, according to a BrandZ report. This puts the value of the brand at a little under half of the entire worth of Apple Inc’s $320-billion market capitalization.

It’s not too hard to see why BrandZ gave Apple the title – fans just love Apple. 

The Apple craze went mainstream with the introduction of the now-ubiquitous white iPod. It won millions of fans around the world who will now buy anything that Apple sells.

A new version (or many new versions) of the iPod? They’ll buy it.

An Apple smartphone? Consumers go wild over it.

How about a tablet computer – a concept that never took off before? It’s a wild success, fans all of sudden ‘need’ one, competitors rush to come out with their own versions, and the tablet computer is now a major industry.

We’ve all heard stories of Apple fans all over the world waiting in long lines, camping in tents, and going sleepless in order to get their hands on Apple products the first day they’re available.

Now, there is actually a report of people literally fighting over Apple iPads in China. In this fight, blood was spilled and a glass door of an Apple store was smashed. 

The incident in question reportedly involved a scalper, not an Apple fan. Still, the only reason the scalper was so gung-ho about getting his hands on the iPad 2 is because he knew just how rabid Apple fans were. He knew that demand was greater than supply and that he’ll have no trouble flipping those iPads for a tidy profit.

Such is the power of Apple – a $153.3 billion brand worth fighting for.