When Apple unveiled the iPad 2 earlier this month, the company also made the surprise announcement that the device would be available in both white and black. Now, hopes are swelling that Apple will finally take the dual-color approach to the iPhone as well.

In a message on Twitter Apple senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller not only confirmed that the white iPhone exists, but also dated the device.

The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it's a beauty!), Schiller wrote on Sunday.

The Apple executive, however, did not specify whether the white paint would be applied to the current iPhone 4 or the upcoming iPhone 5.

Frequently rumored, though rarely seen, the white iPhone has obtained an almost mythical quality for Apple fans. After multiple delays, Apple confirmed last October that the white iPhone 4 would not be available until this spring, which Schiller's comments fall in line with.

But with the iPhone 5 widely expected this June its unknown just how much consumers will be interested in a tweaked iPhone 4 -- white or not.

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