While iPhone customers have been flocking to Apple forums to find solutions for the measly battery life on the new iPhone 4s, Apple has kept quiet; until now, Thursday, when the company admitted that there were a few bugs in the latest iOS 5 operating system that they would aim to fix in a few weeks.

It appears the battery life problem in the 4S is the new death grip, although the consequences do not seem to be as drastic. Apple assures they can fix the bug problem within weeks, whereas many iPhone 4s were recalled during the death grip issue.

The battery problem does not stand in the iPhone alone, many owners of the iPad operating on the new iOS 5 system have also complained about battery drain, some reporting 15 per cent lower battery after an hour, despite putting the device on standby.  

I'm worried about my battery life as well... It was a huge investment for me to upgrade from the 3GS to the 4S and for example, I fully charged the battery overnight, woke up and took the phone off the charger to go to work at about 8:45 a.m. it's 10:40 a.m. now, I have not used the phone at all and it's gone from 100% to 87% without using it... My 3GS battery life was even better than this., user iPhone 5 lover posted in the Apple support forum.

While Apple is figuring out how to solve the battery bugs, here are some tips to boost the battery life in the meantime:

Turn automatic time zones off: iOS 5 is constantly trying to readjust to detect time zones automatically; this can drain the battery life very quickly. To avoid the drain go to Settings -> Location Services -> System Services-> Setting Time Zone and switch it to manual.

Disable Location settings: For every App with location components you can enable or disable location settings. Turn off the setting for any apps you do not need, as this too can drain the battery at a much faster pace. 

Disable Notifications: Notifications can also eat up a lot of battery -the less you have on the better. Settings -> Notifications, tap a given category (Phone, Messages, and Reminders) or app, and turn the notifications off.

Avoid pushing emails: Checking emails manually by clicking on the mail icon can conserve battery life considerably especially for those who receive a lot of business and spam mail.

Siri: Even if you don't use Siri much, the assistant still drains battery through location services so try and turn those off when you are not using them. 

Despite battery life disappointment, sales of the iPhone 4S have been huge, with Apple reporting over four million sales in its first three days.