On the heels of Apple’s most recent mobile operating system update iOS 7.1 which released on Monday afternoon, new screen shots of the next version iOS 8 were leaked onto the web Thursday. The screen captures show the highly speculated Healthbook app, a new Preview app and Text Edit App, and a strikingly unknown Tips app, clad in bright yellow with a light bulb icon. The images originally appeared on the Chinese website Weibo, and was reported on 9to5Mac.

ios-8 Side by side screenshots of the possible iOS 8 home screen. Photo: Courtesy Weibo

If the screen shots are accurate and legit, these images confirm the production of the Healthbook app, which has been speculated to work congruently with the rumored iWatch. The Healthbook icon, similar to the Passbook icon, shows three bars that represent the functions the app possesses. Judging by the small picture, the new app will monitor users heart rates (represented by a heart and echocardiogram), calories in and out (an image of fire burning, burning of calories) and either blood sugar or body temperature. The third image is a droplet with a slider scale inside it, which is somewhat inconclusive.

A glucose monitor had been rumored on the iWatch, but the technology seemed to be too difficult to add into the first generation of Apple’s wearable. Conflicting reports put the glucose monitor on the fence of possibility. However, if the Healthbook app is legitimate, that icon could push the rumor back over to the more likely side.

iOS 8 Settings A screenshot of the settings confirms this is iOS 8 Photo: Courtesy Weibo

The settings image shows the iOS version as 8.0 and gives very little other information. However, it does show the capacity of 25.9 GB, meaning that the iPhone this screen was grabbed from was a 32 GB version. A current iPhone 5 32GB has a total capacity of 27.8 GB, which suggests that iOS 8 will be a larger operating system. That extra space could be for the new apps.

The Tips app is completely unclear, but could be a user-guide for iOS 8, or perhaps a city-guide, giving customers tips on the surrounding area. Information like that could be aggregated from crowd sourced websites like Yelp or Foursquare. Although, that is pure speculation. Nothing like a lightbulb to spark ideas.

The Preview app and the Text Edit apps are direct ports from Apple’s OSX, the desktop operating system. Text Edit is a simple word processor, but can be used to write anything from notes to code. While a coding application could be useful on an iPad, writing code on an iPhone just seems like aggravation in waiting. Preview can be used to view PDFs and images alike, something Apple’s mobile devices can do currently. This app seems superfluous, but perhaps it will do more in time. Or perhaps it will disappear by the time iOS 8 officially launches.