Apple will release the iPad 3 March 7, so here's what to expect and what not to expect. Once Apple unveils the new iPad, it should go on sale in a week, so get your backpack ready if you plan on camping out at the Apple store. With all the new features, iPad 3 is set to go on sale at closer to $600 than $500. However, despite the fact Best Buy has reduced the iPad 2 price by $50, don't expect the price to drop any more. 

Speaking of iPad 2, without an all new body design, iPad 3 is more likely to be the iPad 2S. That means the next iPad will be the iPad 4. iPad 2S will be slightly thicker and a bit heavier than the iPad 2, but not so much as to make the device unwieldy. iPad 2 is incredibly thin and light already, and Apple won't want to compromise that feature. To help keep the iPad 2S light and thin, there will be no near field communications chip. It could show up in the iPad 4, but not this year.

iPad 2S will feature a more robust Siri voice recognition and a larger battery. That's the other reasin the iPad will be a bit thicker. Mobile batteries still have a long way to go, so to get premium amounts of power, you have to sacrifice a small size and that makes a heavier iPad. The other reason for the large battery is to support the improved camera optics, 4G LTE antenna and improved display. iPad 2S will be the best tablet camera yet, and there will be plenty of new photo effects to go along with it.

All new LTE support makes the iPad a bit heftier, but also a bit more expensive. iPad will now be the goto choice for executives, and the 4G connection will help them work from anywhere. The improved display panel will feature double the resolution of the iPad 2, and everything will look amazing on it. Even small things like text and icons will appear with no pixelation from only a foot away from the screen.

Apple is very good at keeping their new devices from leaking any information before launch, so look forward to the classic one more thing, and tell us in the comments what you think it will be.