Apple officially announced the availability of iPhone 3.0 software last week, but the exact time has been kept in secret.

More likely, the possible reason why Apple did not specify the exact release time of iPhone 3.0 updates is to prevent their server from crashing or overloading as flocks of consumers sward to their sites.

Apple may have learned from Mozilla's ails last year.

Mozilla at that time encouraged its users to download Firefox 3.0 aiming to set a Guinness World Record for the number of downloads in one day. The team behind the hugely popular open-source Firefox web browser became a victim of its own success, however, as millions of eager end-users crashed the company's servers as soon as the download became available.

Google Trends shows keywords such as what time does iphone 3.0 come out, when will iphone 3.0 be available and iphone 3.0 update download as fastest keywords as of this time, showing that millions of users are looking and waiting for the software.

Though some people might not understand why Apple had hid the exact time of the iPhone 3.0 updates still many end-users of the popular iPhone believe the release will be between 01:00 and 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

iPhone 3.0 will be a free release for all iPhone customers -- both original iPhone users and iPhone 3G users will be able to download it at no charge once it's released. iPod touch customers can download the new release for $9.95, and it will work on first- and second-generation iPod touch models.