Apple showed off the new iPhone 4S Oct. 4 and there was no new larger display or thinner case design. Apple included new softare, a faster processor, a voice controlled digital assistant and improved camera, but not the revolutionary new design or the hardware advancements people were expecting after 16 months between new iPhone launches.

Samsung and HTC already make larger display handsets and Windows Phone has the latest new hardware and its own operating system. When iPhone 5 does come out, Apple will have to be all the more bold to stay on top, and iPhone 4S is now the placeholder.

The voice control software was the centerpiece of the Oct. 4 event, but that technology has been around for a long time, and nobody has come close to perfecting it. As well liked as Apple's iOS has been over the years, this Siri voice control software is totally different. Yes, Apple is taking a risk here and if Siri works well, then they will have a great new iPhone with some really cool functionality. But if the voice control functions erroneously (as the auto-correct does sometimes), then Apple will not have the runaway success they need to keep other smartphone makers at bay.

Furthermore, some of the functions in the widely touted iOS 5 are already availble in other devices. Apple is playing catch-up in some ways there. It's also possible Apple used the Let's Talk iPhone event to pry their way into the less expensive smartphone market. The iPhone 4 now comes in an 8GB size for $99 with a new carrier contract. They are also giving the iPhone 3GS away free, but only on AT&T, not Verizon or Sprint. Apple didn't revolutionize the smartphone industry with iPhone 4S, but the horse race aspect of who's number one got more interesting with it.  

Watch Apple's YouTube channel for tons of new product info. Is iPhone 4S all that you were hoping for? Let us know in the comments section below.