When Apple announces on Tuesday what the new iPhone 5 will look like, many of course will be most concerned with how it looks, how big the screen is and what kind of power it will pack under the hood. An almost comprehensive voice recognition system would be truly revolutionary, 9to5mac reported.

Apple purchased a company called Siri in 2010, and that has led to plenty of guessing as to when the voice technology would come to iPhone. Oct. could see the debut of just that.

It's called Assistant and it builds on the Voice Control function that already exists. It can make appointments for you in your calender, and for events it lets you set reminders. This one is great though; just ask iPhone 5 for directions and it uses the GPS to map it out for you.

Additionally, similar to the new Mango update for Windows Phone 7, iPhone 5 should allow users to create and send texts by speaking them. It's unclear if iPhone 5 will be able to read incoming text to you, something Mango does offer. Assistant is said to be super sensitive as well so there's no need to alter your speech pattern so iPhone can understand you better.

9to5mac saves the best for last on the voice recognition front. A 'find your friends' function that tells you where people are when you ask, and the ability to access a database of general information that could allow you to ask questions to the iPhone that it could answer. Furthermore, iPhone 5 is said to allow a dictation function that would let users speak and have iPhone turn the sound into text.

What advanced voice recognition features do you think iPhone 5 will carry? Tell us in the comments.