Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) premiered its first television commercial called “Metal Mastered” for its flagship iPhone 5s, between Sunday's NFL games, showcasing the golden-colored variant of the new handset, which was jokingly called “the Kardashian Phone” while being developed.

The iPhone 5s ad depicts how liquid, flowing gold materializes into an iPhone while admiring the iPhone's camera with dual-flash capability and highlighting the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which is immediately used by a user to log in to the iOS7-supported device.

The new ad, which is a slightly shorter version of the “liquid gold” video Apple showed off at the launch of the iPhone 5s, features the song "Ooh La La," a disco-inspired track by English glam-rock band, Goldfrapp, which topped the charts in 2005.

The original video included orchestral music, accompanied by cracking sounds of the flowing metal, and shows off the internals of the Home button and the Touch ID sensor. The phone is then flipped around and displayed alongside the silver and space gray versions.

The new iPhone 5s ad also bears more than a close resemblance to the “Plastic Perfected” TV ad made for the iPhone 5c, which debuted in September. And, the song “Ooh La La” has been featured in a number of earlier ads, including Motorola’s Moto KRZR.

While Apple has so far focused on marketing the iPhone 5c, the latest rumors suggest that because sales of the iPhone 5c have been weaker than expected, the company might now be shifting its marketing heft back to the iPhone 5s, according to a report from The Verge.

Meanwhile, a new tidbit  about the “gold” iPhone 5s came to light last week after Nick Bilton, a New York Times reporter, revealed on Twitter that Apple employees had jokingly nicknamed the new device “The Kardashian Phone.”

“A source at Apple told me while they were making the gold iPhone it was referred to internally as '"The Kardashian Phone,'” Bilton tweeted.

Many third-party case makers re-color Apple products to entice customers, and Kim Kardashian was among those who obtained an iPhone 5 that was colored gold long before Apple actually released one.