Articles by Kukil Bora

A diehard lover of photography, Kukil Bora started his career as a Web journalist with a Bangalore-based media firm called “SiliconIndia” in 2010. After working there for a year, Kukil joined International Business Times in May, 2011 as a Correspondent for the Bangalore news room. He loves writing technology articles. However, his areas of interest also include science, politics and sports. Kukil holds a Bachelor degree in English literature from Gauhati University and a Masters degree in Mass Communication from Bangalore University. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.


China Developing New Long-Range Bomber

China, which has already improved its ability to hit targets far from home, is reportedly seeking further improvements as part of its defense strategy.

Dogs Understand What We Speak And How

Dogs can distinguish between words and the intonation of human speech by using brain regions similar to those used by humans, a new study suggests.