A set of leaked photos from the prominent site Apple Club Taiwan shows key details of the upcoming Apple smartphone, dubbed the iPhone 7, including the device's display backlit-illumination components. One of the photos also shows the company logo on the cable.

However, the “Apple 3D touch mesh” is apparently missing from the photos. Hence, there is a possibility that the device in focus could be the compact version called iPhone 6C with a 4.0-inch display. The predecessor of this 6C was the well-received, relatively cheap and plastic-laden iPhone 5C.

On the other hand, new rumors suggest that the Apple iPhone 7 could feature an OLED display, instead of the synonymous LCD screen. The key difference between the LCD screens from that of the OLED display technology is the use of a backlight to illuminate the pixels. The OLED screens apparently light the pixels on their own, The Week reported.

Apple iPhone 7 component 2 An alleged photo of the iPhone 7 display component. Photo: Apple Club Taiwan

Other interesting speculation include the alleged waterproofing in the handset, although there is no confirmation available to ascertain if the device will be IP certified or it will only survive accidental water splashes.

Speaking of exterior design, GSM Arena said that the visible antenna stripes will apparently be hidden to improve the overall look. Rumors also have it that the 3.5 mm audio jack will not be part of the iPhone 7. Instead, a reversible USB Type-C port can be expected. A cool 3 GB of RAM configuration has also been tipped.

Apple iPhone 7 component 3 An alleged photo of the iPhone 7 display component. Photo: Apple Club Taiwan

As far as the release date goes, the iPhone 6s successor is expected to be introduced sometime in September. In addition to the flagship, a “Plus” variant will apparently be introduced.

As always, readers are advised to take the reported iPhone 7 specifications, photos and release date with the proverbial pinch of salt as Apple has not confirmed any information so far.