Apple is yet to introduce wireless charging feature on its iPhones. Rumors are rife that the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus may allow users to wirelessly charge their smartphones from as far as 15 feet away.

According to NY Post, Apple has partnered with a startup called Energous. The company is known for building a wireless charging chip called WattUp. The WattUp technology will enable iPhone owners to charge it wirelessly with a maximum distance of 15 feet.

The WattUp chip requires a transmitter for charging a device wirelessly. To enable wireless charging, the WattUp chip by Energous has to be installed inside the iPhone. The chip is so tiny that it will not add any thickness to the device. The chip can be added to other devices like smartwatches, tablets, or laptops.

The transmitter can be kept anywhere in a room. As long as the iPhone remains in the room, the wireless transmitter will keep on charging the device continuously.

The publication has claimed that Apple’s partnership with Energous has allowed the former to have exclusive rights to the wireless charging technology. However, both Apple and Energous have not declared their partnership in public. Energous has not launched its WattUp wireless charging feature commercially.

According to BGR, Energous was present at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that was held in 2015. The company had aimed to launch it in 2016 or 2017. Hence, if the WattUp wireless charging does not arrive on the iPhone 7 this year, it may arrive on the iPhone 7sthat will release next year.

Currently, smartphones that arrive with wireless charging feature requires users to place their devices on a charging bed or an inbuilt wireless charger. However, the WattUp wireless charging technology from Energous is likely to change the way devices are charged in future.