Apple apps crash more often than Android apps, a new report from app watchdog company Crittercism said. Based on a study done in November 2011, Crittercism found apps in the iOS system version 5.0.1 crashed more than any other Android or Apple OS version they tested. 28.7 percent of all app crashes Crittercism tested were from iOS 5.0.1 system. That's in part because the iOS 5.0.1 update (and in fact the iOS 5 itself) only launched a few weeks before the survey was done.

So, that means many of the Apple apps already built for the previous system were not quite ready for the new one. On the other hand, the iOS 4.2.1 system accounted for 12% of the crashes in the report. That means the newness of the iOS 5 system doesn't account for all the problems. Crittercism tracked 214 million apps, a number suggesting a pretty thorough study. Apple is widely known for being a bit slow with system fixes, and for proof of that, see the as yet unresolved battery issue with the iPhone 4S. Google apps have been targeted by critics for their tendency to support viruses and trojans, so in that regard, the report results may be a bit counter-intuitive.

Furthermore, there are just as may updates to the Android system as there are to the iOS system, so again, those constant updates may not be entirely to blame for the frequency of crashes. Android version 2.3.3 crashed the most of any Android system with around 4% of crashes observed. As to the cause of crashes overall, Crittercism offered up myriad reasons including hardware problems like location finding or GPS and even the camera. Apps also crash because of internet connection issues. Additionally, even language support and excessive memory usage by an app can cause crashes. Tell us in the comments what apps you have that crash the most (or least).