Apple has submitted a new patent that may cause some grumbling among iPhone customers' restrictive use on their camera.  The patent will involved an infrared sensor system that can receive data through its surrounding environment using light, audio, and infrared transmissions to detect live music venues, theatre, movie, or stage show performances.  The iPhone would then block users from recording the show if it detects any infrared signals containing encoded data.  So if for any reason the iPhone thinks you are at a live concert or movie theatre, the camera can disable recording, leaving you shorthanded in recording any memories from the event.

In order to protect licensing as well as maintain good relations with its partners and associated artists, the new technology can prevent illegal recording.  The patent comes shortly after Apple racked up multiple deals with major music labels and film industries in connection to the iCloud launch. 

iPhone users may or may not need to fear as the patent has not been confirmed  for official use on any devices as of yet.  If the relationship between the music, film industry, and Apple continues to blossom, there may be a possibility of seeing this technology integrated onto the iPhone.  Apple may also employ their creative juices in conjuring up positive uses that from their infrared sensory technology.  As of now, it remains as a published patent, sitting with possibilities.