Many tech portals describe the 4.0-inch iPhone SE as a device that looks like the iPhone 5s but has the power-packed configurations of the iPhone 6s, including the same A9 chipset. However, it looks like Apple might have cut corners in the compact handset after all.

The Apple A9 is touted as one of the fastest processers among the current-generation devices. With A9 onboard, the Apple iPhone SE will be even faster when compared to the iPhone 6s because of the low resolution and screen size combination of the new handset.

Apart from the A9 chipset, the compact device also boasts the same 12-megapixel iSight camera with Focus Pixels as the iPhone 6s. To top it off, it can also record 4K videos and it supports Live Photos, Phone Arena reported.

However, unlike the iPhone 6s, the iPhone SE does not feature 3D Touch or Force Touch pressure sensitive screen. Plus, a new report from MacWorld says the Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology on the iPhone SE is not as fast as the iPhone 6s.

The same site goes on to say the Touch ID in the iPhone SE is same as the first-generation fingerprint sensor seen in the look-alike iPhone 5s. This obviously translates to a significantly slow authentication when compared to the iPhone 6s or for that matter the predecessor iPhone 6.

In any case, readers should note that the 4-inch Apple iPhone SE still supports Apple Pay. This device will hit the store shelves on March 31 in the U.S.

On a related note, the iPhone SE apparently shares the same RAM configuration of 2 GB with the Apple iPad Pro, says Matthew Panzarino of Tech Crunch. It was initially rumored that the compact tablet will flaunt 4 GB of RAM.