Thirty minutes before Apple's iPhone announcement in Cupertino, Calif., the company's Web site had already given away part of the surprise.

Images on Apple's Web site showed black-and-white models of a newly designed iPhone 4. The phone's structure is nearly identical to the iPhone 4's original incarnation, but the applications indicate that the phone is running iOS 5. On the home screen, the iPod app is replaced with a new Music icon, and there are also apps for Newsstand and Videos.

Newsstand organizes all of the phone's magazine and newspaper app subscriptions in one tidy little application. The new Videos app is likely a library for the home movies you shoot on your iPhone.

It's unclear as to whether the Apple will debut a completely new phone in addition to the iPhone 4S. However, consumers have shown that they want an iPhone 5, and not just an upgraded iPhone 4. An independent study conducted by mobile ad network InMobi found that less than 15 percent of customers would buy a new iPhone if Apple's next phone is just an upgraded iPhone 4.

There are plenty of other announcements coming out of Cupertino, so stay tuned.