Apple released an around-the-world-in-one-day Macintosh commercial Monday that had watchers stunned by the clarity of footage shot by the iPhone 5s. Recorded completely on Apple’s mobile device, the commercial was filmed in “the whole of January 24, for 36 hours, starting in Melbourne, Australia.” Apple released a behind the scenes video on Monday, showing how the feat of cinematography was accomplished.

Apple’s video lists the different cities around the world that director Jake Scott, son of famed director Ridley Scott, used as filming locations. Communicating in real time via iPads and Macs over Apple’s Facetime, Scott was able to tell cinematographers exactly what he wants out of the shot. “I want to see the surfer going out, at that moment,” Scott says as he directs the cameraman in Australia.

It is interesting to see the large apparatuses that the cameramen and women used to get such beautiful scenes. With iPhones mounted on counterweighted handholds, or stabilizer systems, camera operators were able to get the same quality of shot from the mobile device (that more than 6 million people own) as they could from traditional camera systems.

The original commercial condensed more than 70 hours of footage from 100 different iPhones. A team of 21 editors compiled the raw video and pieced it together to create the 88-second spot. An original score was composed (and of course filmed with an iPhone) for the celebratory ad. Apple coupled the behind-the-scenes video with an in-depth webpage detailing the event.