A new survey from the OnePulse mobile app has revealed that 85 percent of respondents who can use Apple Pay in the U.K. either will or might try it out. Only 15 percent of those eligible said they will not be trying it.

Apple Pay launched in the U.K. on Tuesday, and consumers have already taken to the streets to try out the new mobile payment system. In a tweet, Tim Cook highlighted the fact that Apple Pay is compatible with the London Underground.

The U.K. launch has not been without its hiccups. HSBC has received criticism for not supporting the service on launch day, despite previously being listed as a launch partner. One respondent said they found the lack of support “very frustrating.”

The survey also revealed that 72 percent of eligible customers hold trust in the system, with only 13 percent saying they do not trust it. Even among those without the means to use the service, 37 percent said they would be keen to jump on board, with 43 percent uncertain.

Meagan Healey, brand manager at OnePulse, said: "We wanted to gather U.K. reaction to Apple Pay being accessible in the U.K. and the insights floored us. Apple Pay has generated a very positive reaction on one end, however a fair few consumers are still without contactless cards." The survey revealed that 30 percent of ineligible respondents do not have a contactless card to begin with.

OnePulse is a market research startup based in London that surveys customers through a mobile app. For this survey, OnePulse asked 520 men and women aged 16-65 for feedback, with 200 of them eligible to use the service.