The city of Cupertino, California has revealed more new details of Apple Spaceship, a donut-shaped future headquarter expected to be located in about 150 acres of land, nearby the company's current one at 1 Infinite Loop.

The new campus, a four-story spaceship-like structure, is expected to be complete in 2015. The future headquarter will be 2.8 million square feet and will house 13,000 employees.

According the design plans, the massive building will include room for an underground 1,000-seat auditorium, about 300,000 square feet of above-ground and underground research facilities, and an underground parking structure.

An on-site power plant will be used to fuel the building to avoid its reliance on the electric grid.

Apple's proposed designs is still under review by the city of Cupertino, including an environmental impact assessment such as issues of traffic, noise, and air quality surrounding the project.

However, Gilbert Wong, Cupertino's mayor, has said that the structure will absolutely be approved. "There is no chance that we're saying no," Wong said in a June press conference. "This mothership really has landed here in Cupertino."

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