With the bombardment of tablets and smartphones, the overall PC market has grown only by 2.3 percent year-over year. However Apple has seen considerable growth compared to other PC vendors.

In Q2, 2011, Apple witnessed a growth of 8.5 percent year over year, in the U.S market. The company surged past Acer and Toshiba to become the third largest PC vendor in US, with a 10.7 percent market share. Toshiba grew by 3.3 percent, Acer fell 22.6 percent in Q2, 2011.

HP still tops the chart with a 26.9 percent market share followed by Dell, which holds 22.6 percent of the PC market, Mashable reports.


http://mashable.com: US PC vendor unit shipment estimates for 2Q11



IDC’s data also suggests that Apple is in the third place in US but suggests an even bigger growth for the company: 14.7% in Q2 2011 year-over-year.


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