Taiwanese Web site Apple.pro has reportedly been sued by an Apple supplier over the purported image of iPad 3's dock connector and ribbon cable that were leaked last July.

The dock connector image did not reveal much about the connector itself, except that it will be white instead of being black as is the connector in the current iPad. According to the Apple.pro report by Anthony Tsai, the leak was one of the first reported leaks of iPad 3 parts.

And though no other details of iPad 3 were leaked, Apple's suppliers seem to have taken the leak seriously. The Taiwanese site said it was being sued by the supplier because of the part leaked in last year's report.

Apple's product security is one of the highest in the industry. However, from time to time, photos of yet-to-be-launched Apple products or parts of the products have been leaked by various sites before their public debut. In the case of Apple.pro, the leaked image revealed very little about the new iPad but it did stir up a wave of rumors and speculations.

Tsai wrote on his blog that he had leaked only what was told to him by another person and hence, it's nonsense that he's being sued. However, it seems Apple and its suppliers are unwilling to turn a blind eye to this issue.