Apple is setting the stage for the launch of its iCloud service, with the company reaching out to app creators through a new iCloud beta on Tuesday as it gave developers access to the beta version of the service.

Developers will be allowed to store documents and data in iCloud beta, using a new API (Application Programming Interface, Apple said.

Current iOS and Mac Developer Program members can selected set up the service for iOS, OS X Lion and Windows.

The service, once it's launched, will push documents to a user's device automatically and update the documents when changed on any device automatically, according to Apple.

Users will be able to have their iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC in synch with each other through the service With iCloud.

The service, when launched will give each user 5 GB of free storage. People who need more space will be able to spend $20 per year for 15 GB, $40 per year, and $100 for 55 GB>

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the service at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference.