Apple released iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air updates this week that adds Internet Lion OS recovery, and a fix for the Thunderbolt display. The iMac firmware update is a similar fix to one that came out in July for the MacBook Air and Mac Mini.

2011 iMac owners now have the option of installing (or re-installing) Lion directly from Apple in case of a hardrive failure (as long as you can still connect). Lion has a built-in recovery drive, but this update has the advantage of the computer being able to retrieve data remotely if you're having major hard drive problems.

EFI Update 1.7 also addresses a compatibility problem with the Thunderbolt Display and makes it easier to use it as an external hard drive (target disk mode). The update is free and available via the Software Update application, or as a downloadable installer at the Apple Support Web site.

Additionally, Apple rolled out an iPhoto patch, an iCloud and iOS 5 compatibility issue fix and a QuickTime for Windows security update. For iPhoto, Apple addressed a plug-in that caused it to crash and enabled swipe gestures to be used when navigating photos in magnify view. iPhoto will also now display previously imported photos in a separate part of the import window.

More iPhoto updates include ensuring Book/calendar themes can now be selected using a pop-up menu in the carousel view, and resolving an issue that could cause some pages of books to print incorrectly. Lastly, rebuilding a library now correctly preserves saved slideshows and books.

When installing the firmware updates on a laptop, plug it in first. After the updater restarts your Mac, a gray screen will appear with a status part showing the installation's progress. It can take several minutes, and Apple warns not to disturb or power off your Mac during the firmware upgrade.

Tell us in the comments if the updates helped any issues you were having.