Apple Inc's new iPad reached temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit (47 Celsius) after 45 minutes of running an intense action game, or up to 13 degrees F (8 degree C) hotter than the previous iPad under similar conditions, according to a test run by influential reviewer Consumer Reports.

The consumer watchdog, investigating numerous claims online that the third iteration of the iPad could get uncomfortably hot after heavy usage, used a thermal imaging camera to ascertain the front and rear of the tablet could hit 116 degrees Fahrenheit after 45 minutes of running Infinity Blade II.

A similar test performed on the iPad 2 found that the latest version of the gadget could run 12 to 13 degrees F hotter than iPad 2, depending on whether it was plugged in, Consumer Reports said in its findings.

(This story was corrected to fix the second celsius conversion to 8 degree C)

(Reporting By Edwin Chan; Editing by Phil Berlowitz)